Gynecomastia & body posture

It is well documented how Gynecomastia  affects a person’s social and personal life. There is no escaping the same and ridicule bestowed upon oneself by Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia  is one issue that cannot be tackled with medications or exercise. Though Gynecomastia is not a health hazard by itself, there are a few things that most won’t tell you about this problem. There are many things men do to hide their enlarged breasts. This includes

  1. never taking their shirt off, ( this is especially important when they go out for running , swimming. They always feel like their male hood is at stake!
  2. wearing loose outfits and rolling their shoulders,
  3. tipping their spine forward. ( Shoulder Slouching )
  4. Assuming bent posture while riding bike to hide the perky chest .

This posture may help them hide their front for a bit and divert attention to their breast but lead to serious complications later.

This bad posture for prolonged times may have many detrimental effects like

  1. neck and back pain,
  2. misalignment of skeletal structures and , in worst case
  3. breathing and digestion issues.
  4. Slouching like this is also an indicator of poor self-confidence which itself is a hallmark of Gynecomastia.

All of this translates into their personal lives rendering them insecure and weak. Additional stress will produce more cortisol further causing hormonal imbalance and  amplify your issues with Gynecomastia.  The best you can do for yourself is undergoing a Gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia surgery can help you get rid of male breast giving you a masculine chest. After gynecomastia surgery men will  improve their posture, stop slouching and have better health.

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