Everything you need to know about Liposuction

Liposuction is the aspiration of body fat by surgical method. A small cut is made in the skin. It is the most common cosmetic surgery. A minor liposuction does not require hospitalization, and can be performed as a day care surgery. Megaliposuction ( wherein more than 5 litres of fat are removed ) requires observation for period of 24 to 48 hours.

Body areas
The most common areas for liposuction are hips and thighs, love handles, buttocks . It is more practical but also can be done on chin, neck, breasts, abdomen and knees. Calves also can be made thinner by liposuction ( removal of boot bulges). Small to moderate sized Lipomas also can be tackled by liposuction.

How is it done?
Usually it is performed under general anesthesia, but can occasionally be performed under local anesthesia when smaller areas are to be dealt with. Small incisions are made in hidden areas which allow the introduction of special medical instruments (Cannula) in the fat layer. The fat layer is first fluidized by injecting a mixture of substances. Subsequently suction device is inserted and remove the desired fat layer. This method is termed as “Tumuscent method” & is followed more widely. This helps separation of fat cells as well as it makes the area numb so that pain is less during recovery phase.

How long it lasts ?
The surgery lasts about 1-2 hours per area over which it occurs.

How do you feel after surgery?
Most patients are encouraged to start moving as soon as the anesthetic effect disappears. In patients whom more amount of fat is removed, are advised to stay in hospital overnight.

Postoperative recommendations
The operated area is wrapped in a compressive dressing. This special dressing plays a role in establishing a new outline of the silhouette or area to prevent blood or other fluid to accumulate in the aspirated area. This special dressing should be worn continuously two weeks after surgery and another month after, most of the time. Physical effort is forbidden in this time period.

Other methods of liposuction
Ultrasonic liposuction – Ultrasounds are used to fragment the fat layer. Suction operation will be faster and cleaner, but skin burns can occur in areas with a thicker layer of skin.

Oscillating liposuction – The fat layer is destroyed mechanically by inserting a tube that produces high frequency vibrations. Thus the fat layer is removed quickly and there is no risk of skin burns.

Where liposuction is performed?
Liposuction is a surgical  procedure that is performed in centres  specialized in cosmetic surgery. Make sure you get operated by a Plastic Surgeon who has enough credentials  & skills set to perform this surgery. Ideally, he / she should be holding a degree offered by an Indian University ( Mch ) or by National board of examinations (DNB) in the field of Plastic & cosmetic Surgery.

The costs
It is good to know from the beginning that these costs do not fall into the category of costs borne by health insurance. The average cost per area comes around Rs 35000 to Rs 45000. However, you need not worry about the cost part as we at Aakar Aesthetics now offer easy financing with  interest free EMIs. So that you can get operated now & pay later as per your convenience.

How safe it is?
Liposuction treatment is fairly safe provided you have realistic expectations , you are motivated to change your lifestyle following the treatment & if performed by a competent Plastic surgeon.

How many kilos I will be loosing ?
Please note that liposuction is a body reshaping / contouring surgery & NOT  a weight reduction surgery. We aim at inch reduction rather than weight reduction. You can get your body parts the shape you want with liposuction.

Are the effects permanent ?
Yes! as we remove that fat cells itself from the area being treated. But please note that we can not prevent new fat cells from depositing! Continued exercise & diet modifications will give you everlasting results!

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