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Dimple Creation

Cheek dimples are an attractive feature of facial beauty. Unfortunately, not all beautiful faces have dimples.


Dimples on cheeks enhance facial beauty and expression. They occur in both sexes with no particular preponderance, may express on one or both sides and are genetically inherited. Structurally, dimples are thought to be caused by a double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle ( a Muscle responsible for facial expression), whose fascial fibers insert into the dermis and cause a dermal tethering effect.

Dimples can be created surgically. It is a day care procedure done under Local Anaesthesia.


Generally, the position of the dimple is marked by the patient in front of the mirror. If the patient is undecided as to the site of the dimple, Dr Nerkar Uses certain facial landmarks to decide the location for an “ideal dimple”. Once local anaesthetic is administered, the procedure is done from within mouth (leaving no scars on cheek). You can go home after an hour.Meticulous oral hygiene with mouthwash and oral rinse is advised.


The sutures (used on inner aspect) are removed after a week. Initially, there is a static dimple which deepens with facial animation, but gradually with time there is only a hint of dimple when static and accentuates on animation.

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