Buttock Lift Surgery

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Buttock lift surgery is also known as buttock augmentation or Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure, fat is injected in the buttocks to make it rounder and firmer. It helps in achieving a better figure among people leading to better self-image. Implants are not used but a person’s own body fat is used in this procedure giving the whole thing a very natural look. Fat is harvested from other body parts, fortified and then injected into areas requiring any kind of lift.

Buttock Lift Surgery Procedure

This procedure varies a lot and depends on individual plastic surgeon. The technique used by the surgeon determines the result and its longevity. Most common technique is fat extraction using liposuction, processing of the fat and fat droplets are then microinjected. Processing of fat involves centrifugation and decanting. Final step is the one where fat is reinjected in the body. It involves almost hundreds of injections. Upper quadrant of the buttock is filled to give it a perkier and firmer look.

Breast lift surgery

This surgery is also known as mastopexy.

It is very popular amongst women are looking to revamp their looks. It helps women who have sagging breasts caused as a result of aging or breast feeding. The technique is to tighten and reshape existing breast tissues to give a younger looking bust line to women.

Ideal candidates for breast lift surgery

  • Drooping breasts
  • Loss of shape or volume
  • Flattened breasts
  • Elongated breasts
  • Downward pointing areolas or enlarged areolas
  • One breast lower than the other breast

An ideal candidate is healthy and non-smoker. Women undergoing this procedure should have realistic expectation. This surgery gives firmer and rounder breasts but it will not create a lot of fullness in the upper part. Women looking for bigger or smaller breasts should also go for augmentation or reduction.

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