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Brow lift surgery in Nashik – A brow lift surgery is also known as a forehead lift surgery. It opens up the eye area of a person’s face. A drooping brow line makes a person look older and unhappy. Forehead lift erases all these problems and gives a young and fresh look. There are endoscopic and traditional procedures.

Reasons and benefits

Genetics, sun exposure and repeated expressions can cause furrows in the forehead.

A brow lift surgery

  • Reduces furrows in the forehead
  • Removes existing frown lines
  • Lift droopy eyebrows
  • Opens up the area around eyes

Working of this surgery

It repositions the brow to give a smoother, arched and younger look. It repositions the brow. Excess skin is removed and select facial muscles are removed or tightened. It smoothens the forehead and opens the area around eyes giving a youthful look. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes around one to one and a half hours. There are various techniques of performing this procedure and the best suited one is used by the surgeon. The surgeon comes up with a proper plan to suit every individual’s need and requirements. There are three types of brow lift surgery and they are

  • Endoscopic lift consisting of several small incisions
  • Classic/coronal forehead lift consisting of one long incision
  • Limited incision brow lift

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