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डॉक्टर , किती टाके पडलेत?

डॉक्टर , किती टाके पडलेत? प्लास्टिक सर्जरीच्या सिद्धांतांप्रमाणे , कुठलीही जखम जर लवकरात लवकर बंद केली तर दीर्घका...
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Gynecomastia & body posture

It is well documented how Gynecomastia  affects a person’s social and personal life. There is no escaping the same and ridicule bestowed upon oneself by Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia  is one issue that cannot be tackled with medications or exercise. Though Gynecomastia is not a health hazard by its...
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व्हेरीकोस व्हेन्स कशामुळे होतात?

आपल्या हृदयाकडून इतर भागांकडे शुद्ध रक्त घेऊन जाणाऱ्या वाहिन्यांना धमणी म्हणतात आणि शरीराच्या इतर भागातून अशुद...
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Complete Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery

A firm, flat abdomen is a hallmark of a beautiful body contour. A tummy tuck, personalized to your needs, can help you improve your abdominal shape for years to come. Learn more about this life-changing procedure from a board certified cosmetic surgeon. What is a Tummy Tuck? A tummy tuck tightens ...
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Everything you need to know about Liposuction

Liposuction is the aspiration of body fat by surgical method. A small cut is made in the skin. It is the most common cosmetic surgery. A minor liposuction does not require hospitalization, and can be performed as a day care surgery. Megaliposuction ( wherein more than 5 litres of fat are removed ) r...
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पायलोनिडल सायनस : माकडहाडाजवळील एक वेदनादायक आजार.

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